What’s New This Week? 01-01-22 to 01-15-22

What's Happening January 1 - 15, 2022?

Contruction Teams Work to Make Sanctuary 100% Waterproof

A great deal of work was accomplished in the second half of December, sandwiched around the Christmas and New Year’s holiday week.

  • Installation of the roof trusses over the music wing expansion was completed.  The music wing south wall gable, made of masonry block, was also constructed.   Work began on the front porch roof trusses.
  • The plywood roof was installed over the entire sanctuary. The “red” non-combustible plywood is pressure-infused with fire-retardant chemicals that make the plywood more resistant to fire ignition and prevent the spread of fire and smoke if one were to develop.  This same sheathing will soon cover the music wing.
  • The installation of a gray waterproof membrane was completed for the sanctuary roof.   A black ice-and-water shield was installed in the valleys and eaves.  This will allow shingles to be installed in early January.
  • With the sanctuary water-proof, the installation of sanctuary insulation can begin in January. This insulation carries an R-49 value.  This insulation provides a vapor-barrier, noise deadening and of course insulating properties during summer and winter.
  • Weather permitting, the soffit (think undersides of the overhang), fascia (think caps on the ends of the gables) and frieze trim (think exterior crown molding) will be installed around the entire sanctuary, including the narthex gables and front porch.  This “white” trim will eventually give the building a more finished look.
  • The masons are hard at work installing “thin” bricks on the sanctuary walls, above the music wing and along the back (north) of the sanctuary.  These matching bricks, around 1/3 their normal depth (~5/8″), are attached to an installed metal grid in areas where the brick does not rise from the foundations.   The masons will then complete the west and south walls of the music wing with traditional brick.  
  • In the lower level we have received city inspection sign-offs for the in-wall rough plumbing and electrical. This will allow dry-wall to be installed in the lower level during the first half of January.
  • Heating and cooling ducts have also been partially installed in both the lower level and in the sanctuary “rafters” (i.e. inside the recently installed roof trusses.) The ducts above the chancel have been installed and will shortly run down both sides of the nave.  In the sanctuary all these ducts are hidden behind ceilings and walls.

Happy, healthy New Year to all!

Complete Installation of Roof Trusses

  • Install roof trusses over front porch

Complete Installation of Sanctuary Roof

  • Install shingles over entire roof, sanctuary and music wing
  • Install plywood sheathing and waterproof membrane over music wing trusses and front porch

Install Exterior Building Trim

  • Install soffit, fascia and frieze trim around sanctuary roofline, narthex gables, front porch

Begin Installing Drywall in Lower Level Rooms and Sanctuary Ceiling

Install Roof Insulation Under Sanctuary Roof Trusses

Continue Laying Finish Brick on All Exterior Walls

  • Complete installation of “thin” brick on sanctuary north wall and west wall (above music wing)
  • Complete finish brick on west and south walls of expanded music wing
  • Weather permitting, clean all brick

Continue Electrical Work on Main, Lower Level and Music Wing

  • Continue electrical installations, primarily throughout sanctuary

Continue HVAC Duct Work in Sanctuary and Lower Level

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