What’s New This Week? 02-15-22 to 02-28-22

What's Happening February 16 - 28, 2022?

Sanctuary Readies for Drywall; Lower Level to be Painted

Major tasks around the Redeemer exterior were completed during the first half of February.

  • The six large sanctuary windows on each side of the nave were installed in early February.  The aluminum framed glass windows came in sections.  First, the outside aluminum frame was installed. Then the glass for the rectangular, lower sections of the windows were installed.  Finally, field measurements were taken for the glass that will soon fill the round, half-moon tops of the windows.
  • Carpenters, roofers, plumbers and HVAC trades people have been hard at work completing the roof above the music wing expansion so that roof drains and two new air handling units can be installed.   The framing is complete on the south side of the music wing expansion.  Plywood and shingles can now be applied to the gabled section of the roof.  At the same time roofers will also install a membrane on the flat section of the roof.  Two roof drains are being installed to allow rain and snow to drain from the flat section of roof.  Finally, the HVAC team will be installing two new air handling units on the flat roof section.  The two units will rest on top of newly installed isolators that dampen vibration and sound.

The interior of the sanctuary has also seen a great deal of activity.  Multiple teams have all been working side by side throughout the first half of February.

  • A team of carpenters has nearly completed the rough framing throughout the sanctuary, including the organ chamber, chancel, nave soffits and light cove, balcony and narthex.  Framing the curved “barrel” ceiling is well underway, as is the underside of the two large HVAC soffits.  Work remains to complete the sanctuary ceiling, the narthex, balcony and AV booth.
  • The carpenters are also nearly finished with the installation of drywall throughout the lower level.  Drywall, taping and mudding is complete throughout.  Most lower-level rooms have received a coat of primer paint.  The galvanized steel HVAC ducts will then receive a special paint treatment before the final paint colors are applied in the classrooms and fellowship hall in late February.  Upstairs in the sanctuary and accompanying rooms (sacristy, organ blower room, chancel storage, town square) installation of drywall will begin in the second half of February.
  • Fire suppression rough work continues in the sanctuary.  Pipes that run the length of the sanctuary are complete, as is the organ chamber and town square expansion.  Work continues in the narthex and balcony.
  • Rough electrical work continues throughout the sanctuary.  Conduit and wiring are being installed throughout the nave, balcony and narthex.  Rough lighting fixtures are being installed in the ceiling of the chancel, nave ambulatories (side aisles), balcony and narthex.  Utility boxes are being installed for everything from ‘exit’ signs to fire alarms to switches.
  • HVAC work continues on both levels.  In the sanctuary, HVAC duct work is nearly complete.  Fourteen diffusers have been installed on both sides of the HVAC soffit.  Duct work continues in the narthex and balcony.  In the lower level, substantial work has been completed in the main furnace room located just off the fellowship hall.  Smaller units have been installed behind the chancel and in the coming two weeks, inside the organ chamber.

Complete Rough Framing in Sanctuary and Music Wing Expansion

  • Complete framing in narthex and balcony
  • Complete “barrel” ceiling in the sanctuary and balcony

Continue Electrical Work in Sanctuary and Town Square

  • Continue electrical installations, primarily throughout sanctuary and narthex

Continue HVAC Work in Sanctuary and Lower Level

  • Install remaining ducts in narthex and wrap ducts with insulation, where appropriate
  • Complete installation of HVAC units in lower-level furnace room

Complete Roof of Expanded Music Wing and Install Air Handling Units

  • Install curbs, roof drains, isolators and air handling units on flat roof above music wing
  • Install plywood, shingling and trim on gables; install membrane on flat roof section

Continue Installation of Fire Suppression Lines in Sanctuary

  • Install piping in remaining areas (balcony, narthex)
  • Install finish heads in all areas

Begin Installing Drywall Throughout All Sanctuary Areas

  • Install drywall on ceilings and all interior walls
  • Tape, mud and sand all drywall

Begin Finish Paint in Lower Level Classrooms, Fellowship Hall

  • Complete touchup mud, sanding, primer in all rooms
  • Treat galvanized HVAC ducts prior to painting
  • Paint interior doors for lower level
  • Paint rooms in finish color

Begin Tile Installation in Bridal Lounge and Other Bathrooms

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