What’s New This Week? 03-16-15 to 03-31-21

What's Happening March 16 - 31, 2021?

The latest construction updates.

The following work is scheduled for 03-16-21 to 03-31-21:

There are two main initiatives underway at this time.  The first is to complete the office wing renovations so that Pastor Randy and the front office team can move in to their new offices (and the rest of the ministry team can move back into their renovated offices).  And the second is to prepare for the demolition of the sanctuary, including work on the underground utilities and inside salvage tasks in the sanctuary.

Office Renovation

  • Install upgraded electrical service in office wing
  • Complete drywall tape, mud and sand
  • Extend fire suppression system to each office
  • Hang new ceiling grid and install pads
  • Begin painting office wing

Complete Utility Work

  • Test and complete new exterior water main
  • Build and connect inside water main valves/pipe
  • Build and connect inside fire suppression system

Prepare Interior for Demolition

  • Complete asbestos removal (old sanctuary, old front office)
  • Complete sanctuary salvage (chandelier, pipe organ, etc.)
  • Build town square construction safety wall 
  • Begin to separate old building from new building (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, network, security, fire suppression)

In addition, work will begin to waterproof the foundations along the south wall of the current office wing.

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