New Water Main Connection

New Water Main

A new water main line will connect Redeemer to the city water supply.

The existing water main that entered through an old brick wall in the 1941 basement will be replaced as part of the project.   The new system will supply our water needs and fire suppression system through a single inlet in the lower level.  Doing this work now will allow water and fire suppression to continue uninterrupted while we rebuild the sanctuary.  The new line passes between the prayer garden and the new columbarium before angling towards a section of our water main that was replaced in Sacred Space Phase I (2010).

Sections of new 20′ pipe were laid March 10 and 11 in the Redeemer front lawn.

The city inspects the new line as the pipe is trenched and laid.

The new inlet is temporarily connected to a small hose for testing purposes.

The line makes a 45 degree turn before heading due west …

The new main exits the building due south out of the office wing.

… and connecting with a 2010 line that heads south running under Maple Road.

The new line will be pressured tested, flushed with chlorine, bacteria tested and okayed by the city before it is connected to the Redeemer water system the week of March 15, 2021.