1941 Cornerstone Retrieved

1941 Cornerstone Retrieved

Masons carefully uncovered the 1941 cornerstone and discovered a metal 'time capsule' box inside the 300 pound stone.

A new “2021” cornerstone will be placed in the southeast corner of the new sanctuary later this year.  And the plans call for the original 1941 cornerstone to be located just below the new cornerstone.  Masons retrieved the 1941 stone this week for safekeeping while the new sanctuary is being constructed.  The corner stone weighed more than 250 pounds!  

Even more fascinating was the discovery of a metal box inside the 1941 cornerstone — a kind of World War II era time capsule.  Historical video footage had suggested the presence of a time capsule, but until today we could not be sure.  Now we know, in fact, the time capsule was placed in the cornerstone.

Plans are underway to determine how and when the capsule will be opened.  Whatever the contents, we know for sure the 80 year old box will be returned to the 1941 cornerstone before it is laid once again in its familiar position at Lutheran Church of the Redeemer.

Video footage from 1941 captured the cornerstone laying ceremony.

The 1941 cornerstone has always been in the southeast corner of the sanctuary.

A metal box, with unknown contents, was discovered inside the stone.